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"What began as a search to find unique lights for my own home, developed into a thriving business... which also happened to fill a niche in the lighting industry." Jann Richardson, Founder "My desire is to design lights inspired from the past, yet stand on their own in style without breaking the budget."



Vintage, vintage, vintage! Our focus is to take all the goodness from the past and create future lasting designs.



We begin with an original design drafted by our design team. We then use quality parts & UL rated components along with highly skilled hands for their assembly. To finish the transaction, each light is hand-packed so they arrive safely & are ready for you to enjoy for years. 





Jann has been on the forefront of the 'MASON JAR LIGHTING CRAZE' and has developed many original styles to suit different applications. Most noted are her Mason Jar Track Lights, Mason Jar Ceiling Fan Light Kit and her Mason Jar Exterior Wall Sconce.

For her famous mason jar lights, she uses authentic mason jars that have been harvested from barns, cellars, and farmhouse cupboards. Many of them carry fascinating life stories. The jars are hand-washed, hand-polished, and graded to insure the best clarity possible. They are matched by brand and style and fitted with new sockets and wiring. Jann finds pleasure in restoring their old charm for others to enjoy for generations.

With the Lord’s blessing, this has made The Lamp Goods successful over the years. God said, "Let there be light." (Genesis 1:3)