Authentic Vintage Mason Jars

We're keeping it real with true, antique mason jars we've harvested from old farms & cellars. After a vigorous hand polishing & selection they are ready to shine for another century as authentic lighting fixtures.

You'll find beautiful handcrafted mason jar lights for your bathroom, kitchen or dining. Choose from mason jar pendants, chandeliers or even mason jar track lights & ceiling fan light kits to suit any space.


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Our Process & Committment

What you can count on when purchasing from us....

* original designs

* quality parts

* UL rated electrical components

* highly skilled hands for their assembly.

* hand-packed to arrive safely

* satisfaction guarantee

* made in the usa

We offer mason jar lights, mason jar track lights & mason jar ceiling fan light kits. We also have a collection of windmill light fixtures that are very popular as well as our farmhouse galvanized metal series.

You will find lighting that expresses your own style...