Why Not DIY Mason Jar Lights?

February 23, 2019

Why Not DIY Mason Jar Lights?

The internet is BOMBARDED with DIY Mason Jar lighting tutorials and we wonder...WHY? (We nearly cringe when another video is released)

Okay so maybe doing it yourself is 'rewarding' ...YES! That's a great reason....We're all about 'craftsmanship & artisans works '.  Crafting with your hands is fun, relaxing and fulfilling. But maybe sticking with DIY mason jar candle holders and NOT electrical lighting! Or even the 'FAIRY' lights inside the jars is charming.



diy mason jar light fixture





But we have to ask the question, "how long do you think that TIN piece is going to hold up in the bathroom"? Really? One year, maybe two?


diy mason jar lights








When folks use these lids, not only do they not get a professional look, but the lids can eventually rust so much that you can't even get the jar off. Might be a real problem if you need to change the light bulb. (sarcasm, sorry)

























Also we've seen folks use dangerous and inappropriate electrical components and wiring methods That's just crazy! YIKES!





 Why would you want to risk a FIRE? Not knowing what you are doing could cause some serious issues.





That's why we only use UL Rated & Certified Electrical Components. Our finishes are designed to last too. This will then give you many years of enjoyment. YAY!

Thanks for listening. The Lamp Goods Crew

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