Why Buy a Ceiling Fan With Lights?

April 28, 2022

Why Buy a Ceiling Fan With Lights?

 Here’s how to choose a ceiling fan that will work for you.

Fan Factors

There are a few things to consider when buying any ceiling fan with lights:

  • The type
  • The size
  • The style
  • The placement
  • The features

Let’s look at each one a bit more closely.

Fan Type

Although all fans are constructed with the same parts, there are different types of lighted fans to choose from that go beyond the standard ceiling fan.

If you’d rather not have that long downrod pointing from the ceiling to the floor, you may like a flush-mount style, which basically places the fan much closer to the ceiling. However, if air movement is the reason for buying a fan, you’ll need more space between fan and ceiling to achieve this, especially if you have high ceilings.

A multi-head style of fan may be a solution if you need circulation but don’t want a fan in a downrod style. This particular type features multiple fans in a smaller size that each rotate. And there are even outdoor ceiling fans, which can stand up to all kinds of weather and temperatures.

Fan Size

Fan size refers both to the size of the actual fan blades, and the space between the ceiling and fan unit. However, sizing also involves choosing a unit that is the proper size for a room.

Typical ceiling fan blade sizing ranges between 29 and 54 inches. The ideal spacing between ceiling and fan is one foot or more, and in order to get the most energy efficiency from a fan, it should sit approximately 8 feet above the floor.

To ensure you’ve chosen the right ceiling fan size for your room, follow these general guidelines:

Rooms of 100 square feet or less: 30 to 36 inch blade span

Rooms more than 100 square feet: 42 to 52 inch blade span

Rooms of 400 square feet and above: 52 to 54 inch blade span

Fan Style

There are virtually limitless styles of ceiling fans with lights to choose from, from rustic farmhouse to modern minimalist. As long as its design is sound, any style you choose will offer the same efficiency and air circulation you are looking for. Of course, it’s a definite benefit to be able to find a style that matches your decor like a farmhouse flush mount ceiling fan of drum shade. Sometime just switching out the shades can give a facelift especially when using a seeded glass replacement globe. You can even find in our selection a ceiling fan with mason jars for your own ceiling fan makeover.

Fan Placement

Where you install your fan can make all the difference to the benefit you get from it. When thinking about placement, consider areas where you spend a lot of time, such as a kitchen or living room.

A ceiling fan in these areas will be a welcome addition during warm months when you need the breeze to circulate cooler air, and during winter when you want to keep warm air circulating for lower heating costs. Consider also where you’d benefit most from your ceiling fan lighting; a dining room can be an ideal location, for example.

Fan Controls

Fans do have certain features that you may or may not find desirable. Some models can be operated from the more traditional pull chain or wall switch, while others include remote controls for easy operation.

When considering features, it’s important to think about how convenient they will be for you to use, and to be realistic about whether or not you’ll actually use them once you have them.

Other Ways to Upgrade Your Fan

As exciting as ceiling fan shopping may be, you may already have one or more Energy Star rated fans in your home and may not be ready to purchase new fans just yet. Where this is the case, you can still transform the look of your fans with a kit.

These do-it-yourself kits allow you to upgrade the look of your fan fixtures with mounts, bulb covers, and more. Lamp Goods carries a ceiling fan drum shade light for a quick makeover. To maximize the amount of light you need in the room, selecting a clear fan globe fixture does the job. They really are the perfect solution to fans that may do the job but just don’t fit with the rest of your decor.

Not only do these ceiling fan fixture kits allow you to upgrade the look of your fans, but they also let you get a brand-new look for a fraction of the cost of purchasing an entire unit.

Impressive Fan Kits for Every Home

There’s no doubt that a lighted ceiling fan checks all the boxes in terms of practicality and efficiency. But every fan will need an upgrade eventually. Fan kits from The Lamp Goods allow you to personalize your fans in the most beautiful and custom industrial, rustic, and farmhouse styles. Our designs are unique and whimsical, celebrating those simple, yet lovely vintage elements of decades past.

Whether you want to upgrade a single fan in your home, or give each one a complete makeover, The Lamp Goods is ready to help with ceiling mounting kits, replacement glass, and even light bulbs.

Ready to start shopping? Browse our online store, and get ready to fall in love with beautiful vintage styles!

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