What is the Farmhouse Style?

September 14, 2022

modern farmhouse light fixtures

The farmhouse style is a staple home design that is growing increasingly popular. With its clean white lines and wooden accents, the farmhouse style is a timeless, classic look that can make any house feel like a home. Inspired by rural architecture, it prioritizes simplicity, practicality, and rustic charm. It is traditional without being outdated and is sophisticated without sacrificing comfort. The ultimate goal of the farmhouse style is to create a warm and inviting space where you can leave your coat at the door, kick your feet up, and relax.


With any design, finding a place to start can seem stressful and overwhelming. Here are a few stylistic elements that are essential to the farmhouse look to help get you started. You can also check out our modern farmhouse page for lights that are specifically tailored to what you are looking for.


Neutral Colors


When creating a color palette, think of clean, airy, and earth toned colors. Primarily, white is used to create a clean-cut look that is classic to the farmhouse style. Its part of the reason we have a line of lighting that features clean, white enamel lights. Like our white pendant lights, white wall sconces and also our white ceiling lights. They are available in two sizes. Other colors to consider are shades of cream, brown, and grey. If you are going for the cozy, yet clean, look, these are great foundational colors to build off of. You can add pops of color through the use of natural materials, layering prints, and adding statement pieces. Ultimately, the color palette is meant to be welcoming and cozy. If you’re looking to start building your dream farmhouse, maybe shy away from the hot pinks and blazing oranges!


Natural Materials


The first thing most people think of when they think of “farmhouse” is wood. And they’re not wrong! The farmhouse look is centered around organic, natural colors and textures, such as wood, stone, or galvanized metal. Our selection of galvanized lighting is a great place to start!

These elements add a natural, grounded feel to the home. You can layer these features with statement pieces such as barn doors, wooden cabinets, or granite counters or a statement light fixture like a large windmill chandelier lighting fixture. You can also easily incorporate smaller accessories such as wooden trays or bowls, rope baskets, and porcelain trinkets. The best thing about using natural materials is that it advocates the use of recycled and repurposed materials. Common household objects and other materials that can be repurposed include grain sacks, bowls, jars, clocks, baskets, picture frames, window panes, wooden crates and pallets. We offer several basket farmhouse flush mount lights. The possibilities extend as far as your imagination!


Vintage Elements


One of the key elements that makes the farmhouse style so special is its ability to blend vintage décor with modern amenities. The desire is to have an authentic vintage feel without sacrificing the convenience that comes with more modern appliances. Antique furniture is a classic staple to the farmhouse style. It offers character, history, and comfortable sitting spaces to gather with family and friends. However, you are not limited to scanning throughantique stores in order to achievethe vintage look. Our vintage inspired milk glass lighting is a great example!You can create a faux vintage look by utilizing certain characteristics that are associated with antiques: chipped paint, cracked surfaces, rust, bricks, and ragged edges. To fill the need for the ‘chipped paint’ we have a ‘chippy farmhouse chandelier’ light fixture. Mixing in various metals, weathered wood finishes, wicker, etc. can also add to that rustic appeal. Common items that are easily accessible include wire baskets, galvanized lighting, metal cans, old bottles, and mason jars. We have collected and transformed authentic mason jars into one-of-a-kind mason jar lights that fit perfectly with the farmhouse style!


Mixing Styles


Since the farmhouse style is more flexible compared to other interior design styles, you have a lot more freedom to explore mixing different qualities to add depth to your space. To keep your décor from feeling bland and flat, experiment with different prints and patterns. You can choose patterns that either enhance the existing color palette and focus on adding depth and complexity, or you can choose patterns that add pops of color, expanding the palette by one or two more colors. The most common patterns mixed with the farmhouse style are stripes and plaid.


Stripes are extremely versatile for any interiordesign style. Their simplistic design can soften a blank wall or create symmetry in a space that feels uneven. Table linens, area rugs, and wall paper are some of the many ways that stripes can be added into your home.


Plaid is a timeless pattern that looks beautiful in any space. It is intricate in a way that enhances the décor without overwhelming it or distracting from it. Perfect for any season, plaid is a fan favorite that also aidsin the traditional, rustic look. This pattern can easily be incorporated into your home through blankets, decorative pillows, or hand towels or hand-painted vintage ceiling lights.


Less is More


Cozy without being cluttered is the motto for farmhouse décor. The beautiful thing about designing the farmhouse style is that less really is more. When choosing materials, textures, and accent pieces, keep in mind their intended purpose. What are they adding to the space? Are they softening harsher lines, pulling together different styles, or adding a rustic finishing touch? Are they practical and comfortable? The best way to avoid clutter and creating a “thrown together” look is by being intentional with each design choice.


Traditional vs. Modern Farmhouse


The traditional farmhouse look is for those who are searching for a more natural, cottage design. Emphasis is placed on natural wood accents, particularly wooden paneling, countertops, and doors. Vintage furniture and accessories typically have more rustic and weathered finishes. If you are looking for more rustic lighting, check out our rustic industrial lighting page! The traditional farmhouse also has a lighter color palette consisting of whites, beiges, and browns, as well as soft yellows, blues, or greens sprinkled in. And if you want feature two elements, a vintage blue mason jar light fixture will be stunning. Traditional fabrics, such as floral and paisley, are more common as well. The traditional farmhouse look is more organic and softer than its modern counterpart.


The modern farmhouse look is less rustic and more sophisticated. Its finishing touches include smooth lines, glossy accents, and a more neutral color scheme. Whereas both styles include whites, beiges, and browns, the modern farmhouse style also emphasizes darker greys and blacks. Again, that’s why we created a collection of black lighting fixtures like our black farmhouse wall sconce, & black flush mount light. Leaning more towards a polished look, the modern farmhouse style uses contemporary design elements like stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Incorporating glass lighting is a great way to add a more modern, sophisticated touch without straying from the farmhouse style. Make sure to check out our glass lighting section!


While both have certain characteristics that make each stand out, you can still blend the two styles to create a look that is authentically yours!

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