Out with the Old, In with the Vintage

January 07, 2023

Out with the Old, In with the Vintage

Incorporating decorative and functional vintage pieces into your home is a great way to add character to your living space. However, it may require more than grabbing the first rustic item you find at a garage sale to achieve the ‘vintage look’. There is a fine line between worn, outdated pieces of home décor and timeless, classy pieces.


What is Considered Vintage?


Vintage pieces are like wine; they grow richer with age. Vintage items are between 40 and 100 years old. Anything older than 100 years is an antique. Finding something that is 40+ years old can be difficult; finding something 40+ years old and in a decent functional and decorative condition is even more so. Never fear, here at The Lamp Goods, we strive to supply unique vintage light fixtures without the headache. Our vintage blue mason jars light fixtures are rare beauties that are hand harvested from various homes, barns, basements, and more! We also offer a radiant antique glass vanity lighting fixture that would dazzle any bathroom space. All our lights are vintage inspired, and with our wide selection of styles, you should have no problem finding the vintage and antique lighting look for your modern!


Achieving the Vintage Look


Oftentimes, searching for authentic vintage pieces leaves you with either an empty hand or an empty wallet. Being able to identify and recognize characteristically vintage things can be a huge time saver, especially in thrift stores where it can be hard to distinguish good quality from something that is just old. The fun thing about the vintage look is that it is so diverse! Vintage spans many decades and encompasses a variety of styles. Whether you like the look of the 40’s in a milk glass pendant light or the very popular 70’s light fixtures. Some things to consider include the perception of age—such as rust and weathered edges, and the use of natural materials—such as wood, galvanized metal, and tin. We have a great selection of rustic industrial light fixtures. One of our most popular vintage pieces is this modern farmhouse chandelier which features an original galvanized windmill light! We also have a durable antique glass bathroom vanity light that is perfect for over-the-mirror lighting.


For more exclusive lights that are one-of-a-kind, refurbished, and cleaned antique lights, join our mailing list for regular updates! We have vintage and antique campaigns that highlight our lights that are absolute steals. Many times, we only have one in stock of each, so you don’t want to miss out on the chance to grab one before it’s gone! Or if you prefer, many folks use our antique glass light fixtures for their modern farmhouse style to give it a warmth and character it lacks in new construction.


Also, like wine, vintage pieces grow more expensive as they age. So, how can you achieve the vintage look without breaking your wallet in the process? Incorporating vintage-inspired items into your home allows you to bring the traditional, rustic feel without sacrificing all the functional benefits that come with modern items and technology! Our antique farmhouse chandelier lighting can have the appearance of an old washtub or mason jars from years of harvesting. The appearance of galvanized metal finish gives it that rustic, industrial appeal that is so popular among vintage pieces. Because of its modern design, you will not have to worry about the chains rusting and snapping. We also have a vintage colander light that is made with metal and looks like it could have been claimed straight out of an old farmhouse kitchen! Its star designs also allow for a unique lighting experience as light filters onto the ceiling and nearby walls. You can’t get this special feature with its quality and price anywhere else!


Why Incorporate Vintage or Vintage-Inspired Pieces?


Vintage pieces are so popular because they oftentimes tell a story! They are enriching and have history, which can make great conversation pieces with guests. They are also extremely diverse, meaning they can match well with a variety of home décor styles. Some of the most popular ones include modern farmhouse, cabin, industrial, and even the contemporary style! Yes, you can mix vintage with modern! Check out our mason jar lighting. We have a mason jar chandelier, mason jar wall sconce, mason jar outdoor lights, a mason jar vanity light, and so much more! We even have lights that are specifically made with authentic antique mason jars that are hand harvested! Imagine the charm and warmth that these mason jar lights will bring to your home.


Mixing designs is also a great way to make your house feel truly like a home. We all have multiple layers that make up our personality, so it only makes sense for our homes to reflect that as well! You can freely mix vintage with modern, clean cut with the eccentric, minimalism with something colorful. These styles are meant as guides to help you get started with designing your dream room or home, so it is okay to break the rules every once in a while.




Adding a piece of history to your home can be super special and unique. Trends come and go, but timeless, classy, or sentimental pieces will never go out of style. Standing the test of time, vintage and antique pieces in lighting are definitely worthy additions to any room and home!

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