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Incorporating Farmhouse Lighting in Every Room

February 09, 2023

Farmhouse lighting fixtures

There is nothing that makes a house feel like a home more so than the farmhouse style. Characterized by its southern charm, neutral color palette, and clean lines, the farmhouse style is an extremely popular and accessible style you can incorporate into your home! Whether you are looking for subtle lighting to add a touch of coziness or grand lighting that makes a statement, we have the perfect farmhouse lights for you!



The kitchen and dining area in any home is a space where families and friends come together to eat and entertain. Having the right lighting to set the mood, while also being functional, is important for ensuring that the time spent before, during, and after meals runs as smoothly as possible. When considering your kitchen, there are a few specific things to keep in mind.


Island Lighting

Your island is the perfect place, other than the dining room, to make a statement with your lighting. “Wow” your guests with stunning pendants or farmhouse track lighting to brighten your kitchen area. You can be creative with this lighting since its main purpose is to ensure you can see in and within your kitchen!


Wall Sconce Lighting

Wanting to illuminate your cutting cleaning area? Having direct, focused light for specific areas, such as these, is important to ensure you can see what you are doing. Sometimes, overhead lighting can cast shadows around your workspace making it difficult to see what and where you are cutting (don’t risk it)!! Farmhouse wall sconce lighting is also great when cleaning to make sure you have been thorough and haven’t missed any sneaky spots


Dining Lighting

This is your place to shine! Break out the mason jar chandelier to dazzle your guests or the antique farmhouse chandelier as a great conversation piece! If you are looking for a more modern, sophisticated look, try incorporating black farmhouse lighting. It ties in great with the neutral farmhouse color palette.


Living Room

Living room lighting is also a great place to experiment with different types of lighting. You can even include this stunning farmhouse flush mount ceiling fan as a two-in-one living room centerpiece! Adorn your walls with modern farmhouse wall sconces that tie in the wall décor with the furniture for a clean, cohesive look.



Vanity lighting is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you see bathroom lighting. We have a variety of farmhouse bathroom light fixtures and farmhouse bathroom vanity lights for you to choose from! If you are looking for something bolder, try this mason jar vanity light! We have a light for your every need!

Galvanized light fixtures are also a great option for bathrooms because they are slow to rust and are very durable in the humidity! This galvanized pendant light is a great choice for the bathroom. Its simple design can easily be paired with any bathroom design!



Laundry Room

It is never too late to remodel your laundry room! Updating laundry rooms has become very popular recently and we’re here to help you find the perfect farmhouse laundry room lighting! Vintage farmhouse lights are a great place to start since rustic items are a staple of the farmhouse look.



The bedroom is your safe space, your place of relaxation and reprieve. It is important to find lighting that creates a calming effect. Having lighting that is too harsh or direct can disrupt the peaceful space you have created! We have a whole collection dedicated to farmhouse bedroom ceiling lights! You can’t go wrong with any in this selection, especially with milk glass pendant lights that cast off a warm, inviting glow!



These areas are easily overlooked but are each equally important! The entryway is the same as a first impression, so make it count! What do you want your guests to see when they first enter your home? Do you want a large drum chandelier that makes a statement? Or, would you prefer elegant and dainty glass ceiling lights that twinkle? Perhaps you’re more traditional and prefer a schoolhouse lighting fixture. Whatever your preference may be, don’t shy away from making your entryway shine along with the rest of your home!


Hallways should not be forgotten. While typically portrayed as in-between spaces, they too can be styled in the farmhouse design. We have industrial wall sconces and mason jar wall sconces that are perfect for hallways and the farmhouse style. For something more unique, try this globe ceiling light!



Every room is a new chance to explore your style and incorporate the farmhouse look. You can mix and match traditional farmhouse with modern farmhouse, simple and dainty décor with grand eye-catching décor. Each of our lights is designed with the farmhouse style in mind. Some are more rustic industrial lighting; others are more modern farmhouse lighting. Whichever way you may lean, we have the perfect lights for you!

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