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Farmhouse Bathroom Lights


Mason jar lighting fixtures added to your bathroom decor will quickly give you a touch of farmhouse style. 

We offer great QUALITY mason jar lighting fixtures ready to hang in your rustic home. No DIY looks here. Professional and long lasting.








Ready for some unique touches you won't find anywhere else?

With all the craze about farmhouse style, the easiest way is to include a mason jar light. Choose between styles with new Ball jars or our exclusive & authentic Vintage mason jars rescued from cellars & farmhouse cupboards.  Put one in any room of your home. 


If you are needing more of a vanity light, The farmhouse mason jar bathroom wall sconces are available in 1-light, 2-light, 3-light, 4-light, 5-light and even 6-light! Wow! This way you can get just the right amount of illumination for your space whether it is a single or double sink.

Happy Shopping! 


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