Vintage Amber PENDANT Light Fixture - Mid Century

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  • Like the setting sun. A mid-century amber glass globe has a warm and mellow feel. Very calming but striking at the same time because of its unique color and brilliant texture.

    * 6.5" high and 6" wide Vintage Amber Glass Globe
    * 4' adjustable black round cord wire 
    * Hardwired installation 
    * 60 watt Edison bulb (included)
    * Oiled bronze finish
    * Antique black (optional finish)
    * 5" Ceiling Installation Kit (included)
    * UL Rated Components
    * Made in the USA

    A welcoming light that ships in 1-3 days. Won't last long.

    "Truly the Light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun." Ec. 11:7

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