What's the Big Deal between "Vintage & Vintage-Inspired"?

January 20, 2022

What's the Big Deal between


Let's show you a few examples.

Above are some light fixtures that are created with a distressed or aged finishes so they look vintage. And some are made to 'duplicate' the look  of older styled lighting fixtures. Like the Milk Glass Light fixture or the Mason Jar Track Light. (Hint: we also have a mason jar track light that uses true vintage mason jars that are 50-100 yrs old.)

For true Vintage, these lights use authentic parts. Like the cool fan cage light made from an antique fan cage. Or perhaps you like the wooden yoke from the 1890's with vintage mason jars. Or the  stunning chandelier  designed from antique glass parts configured in a 'new' style. And for those wanting a timeless look, you can't go wrong with a schoolhouse sconce.

NOTE: Rest assured, all of our lighting fixtures have brand NEW electrical components.

Here's a customers picture that used the "real-deal rusty corrugated metal" for their ceiling and then our Vintage-Inspired Light to blend along.

We're confident you will find just the right light fixture for you space whether it is "Vintage" or "Vintage-Inspired". 

Happy Shopping!

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