Wedding Gifts- We're here to help!

August 13, 2019 2 Comments

Wedding Gifts- We're here to help!

Its Wedding Season! 

Have a wedding to attend coming up? Or five? Need a wedding gift idea? Sure, cold hard cash is always a well accepted gift for weddings, but sometimes you just want to give a well thought out, personalized gift. So, we're here to help!

First of all, every couple is different. While the Farmhouse decor is certainly the current trend, not all brides have hopped on that bandwagon. While Lampgoods specializes in Farmhouse lighting, we offer a wide range of styles to fit all decors! 


For the Farmhouse Bride-

We've got a whole section for her! Actually, two. Check out our Farmhouse and Rustic lights, and then head over to our Mason Jar lights. But here's a few we specifically picked out.  

Our Galvanized Chippy White lights are on high demand, and perfect for your farmhouse bride!


Our Market sign is perfect for over a kitchen sink.

Or any of our classic Mason Jar lights that established LampGoods


For the Modern Bride-

The Modern Milk Glass Ceiling light is a new design for us, and great option!


Our Verona collection is loved by many!

Our simple brass pendant light fits with almost any decor.


For the Traditional Bride-

The name speaks for itself, but our traditional Milk Glass light fixtures are perfect for the traditional bride in your life! Offered in both a ceiling light fixture and hanging pendant light.


Our Schoolhouse Wall Sconce is tried and true.


For the Chic Bride-

Our Hobnail Swirl lights have a way of lighting up a room with their showy patterns on the wall and ceiling when lit up.


Beautiful, elegant, and showy is the chandelier.

For the Minimalist Bride-

Our Industrial Auburn Pendant screams minimalist.


Check out this duo bar bulb pendant light.

This industrial ceiling light is another great option.


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