"Including the Light" by Adele at Home Chronicles

April 13, 2019

The house we are in right now has some lighting issues in the bedrooms upstairs. They don’t have any overhead lighting. I’m sure we could have some wired in, but that just sounds expensive and a lot of work. Especially when there are other options.

Thankfully, there are so many different types of lighting now. Sconces have become my new best friend. It was so much fun collaborating with Lamp Goods to bring lighting to my guest room. Jann, the creator behind Lamp Goods is the sweetest most talented woman. She had a vision of creating different types of lighting that you are not going to be able to find at and big box store. So that people can have unique lighting for their homes. She has such an amazing testimony on how God has just opened so many doors for her. Through His blessing she has seen her vision come to life.

One of my favorite things Jann does with her business is use it to get God’s word out into the world. She does this through putting scripture on her website, her email, and also her packaging. I love it. Her business moto is, “let your light shine” and she means it two ways. One for the actual lighting, and then two for letting your spiritual light shine.

Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven… Matt 5:16 This is just one of the verses I drew from TheLampGoods.com website.

Also, just to show you a little bit of Jann’s heart. I want to share this quote from one of her emails to me. “God is good and the success of this lighting company is only due to the fact He wants his Word spread. I’ve seen Him do some AMAZING things through this lighting company. I’m often in AWE of His greatness and kindness towards me ”

Jann, is just the sweetest and she is so talented. She creates the beautiful lights in her store, and has a wide variety or options. She has sconces, chandeliers, mason jar lights, mason jar light fixtures, mason jar pendant lights, milk glass lights, industrial lamps, clear glass lighting, rustic and farmhouse styled lighting, and she even sells bulbs and mounting kits.

Here in our guest room I have two of the “Industrial Wall Light Sconce Plug-In with an Edison Bulb.” They could not fit my farmhouse style any more perfectly! They add so much light to our room, that we really needed. I can not say it enough, how much lighting adds so much to a space. You could compare putting lighting in a room as to putting the last piece of jewelry on to complete an outfit. It finishes of and completes the feel you want in your room. These sconces did just that for me. They completed the look of this space and have made our guest room feel extra cozy and inviting.

(This blog is from Adele at https://homechroniclesblog.com)

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