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How to Upgrade a Ceiling Fan

May 28, 2022

How to Upgrade a Ceiling Fan


Remove the Blades

Did you know that many styles of ceiling fan include reversible blades? This is a great feature that can save you both money and time. Flip all of your fan blades to the same side, or alternate for a completely different look.

Been there and done that? Consider swapping out your old ceiling fan blades for brand new ones in wood, metal, or other vintage finishes.

Change the Chains

Although you may not consider it to be the most obvious feature of your fan, the pull chain is yet another part which can be removed and replaced with a new one. You’ll discover that your choices of pull chain styles are virtually endless, too.

Add or Subtract Light

Not all ceiling fans come with lights. If you really like the look and style of your existing ceiling fan, you’ll be happy to know that ceiling fan light kits are available that allow you to keep the look you love and add to your fan’s functionality.

If you have lights on your fan but rarely use them, you can remove the shades and bulbs, which will also transform your fan’s look.

Break Out the Paint

Painting your ceiling fan is another way to give it a long overdue facelift. There are many ways to accomplish this. No matter which you choose, it’s important to paint your fan properly by removing the blades and other accessories before spray painting them.

Consider that adding paint also means adding weight. If your painting is uneven, this may throw your fan and the motor out of balance. It’s a good idea to avoid painting the motor housing, as there’s a good chance that paint will get into the fan’s mechanisms, which can cause it to seize.

Shade Swap-Out

The shades which cover the lights of your ceiling fan can also be exchanged for new ones. The style of shade you choose can definitely update your ceiling fan’s look, but also change the quality of light in the room.

For example, clear glass shades will bring bright light to a room while milk glass light fixtures provide a soft glow and truly nostalgic look.

Beautiful and Original Shades, Kits, and More

Now you know that you don’t have to settle for the same old same old, especially when there are so many ways to upgrade your fan’s look! Even the smallest change can completely transform your home.

If you’re looking to upgrade your ceiling fan with something truly unique, you will love what you’ll find at the Lamp Goods! We celebrate the best of farmhouse, rustic, and industrial style with custom pieces designed to impress.

Our ceiling fan upgrade kits, new fan collections, selection of vintage bulbs and shades, and more are all online for you to browse, and they always ship free! So don’t wait; start shopping now!

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