How do you go about designing a rental space?

October 01, 2022

How to design a rental space

Designing a rental space can be difficult, especially if it’s not something you have ever done before. Whether you’re the renter (person who is renting to someone else), or the rentee (person who is renting from someone else), there are stylistic choices you can make to optimize your rental space and create an environment that meets everyone’s needs and expectations.


Home Away From Home


From the renter standpoint, the first step to designing a rental space is identifying your target audience. Are theyfamilies with kids, couples on a getaway vacation,travelers with pets,workers on business trips? The list could go on. It is important to have your key rentees in mind when choosing a color scheme and picking out furniture. You wouldn’twant to have bunkbeds for a honeymooning couple or a worker without a study space.Identifying your target audience is key to creating a space that feels like a home away from home.


Regardless of the audience, having a cohesive look is essential for creating a welcoming space. It doesn’t necessarily have to be “themed.” Something as simple as having a consistent color palette or furniture style can make a space feel put-together. It is important to have a space that looks clean without feeling bland. Starting off with a neutral color palette of white and beige leaves a lot of freedom for colorful accents and pops of color. Throw pillows, rugs, knick knacks, and art are simple, effective ways to draw in color. You could also choose to have a statement piece as the focal point of a room. This could include an accent wall, a bold piece of furniture, an eye-catching piece of art, or a chandelier piece. We have a great selection of chandelier lighting to choose from including farmhouse windmill chandelier light fixture! It is important to balance the color so that it is neither underwhelming and cold or overwhelming and chaotic.


One of the easiest ways to set the tone of your space is through lighting.New illumination can help you see your space in an entirely now light (pun intended). If switching out the lights are not an option, you can also try table lamps. Check out our table lamp section as well!You can also create a welcoming atmosphere both inside and out with outdoor lighting. We have stunning mason jar lights that are perfect for any covered outdoor setting!


Choose  popular style like the farmhouse style that will appeal to a lot of potential renters. Include a modern farmhouse ceiling light for the farmhouse kitchen lighting. Farmhouse ceiling lighting come in rustic light fixtures and modern farmhouse light fixture and even vintage farmhouse lighting. Perhaps for the bedroom a farmhouse table lamp for either side is what you need. Farmhouse style bathroom lighting will make the bathroom lighting a real joy. Then a glass ceiling light in the hallway will illuminate the space nicely. To really impress your prospective renter have lighting fixtures for laundry room as a top priority. They will know you went over the top.


If you think your customers are more clean-line contemporary, then choose a modern milk glass chandelier over the table or the modern farmhouse lighting.


Making each room of your rental space feel cozy and welcoming is also a challenge. Did you know that color temperature can affect the way a room looks and feels? If you want to brighten a space, clear glass light fixtures are the way to go! For a softer, more subdued look, milk glass pendant light is best or even a schoolhouse sconce!


Making Small Look Big


Making a small space look big requires creative and innovative solutions. Sometimes, it requires playing with the tricks of the eye as opposed to actually creating more space or saving the space you have. The illusion of having more space is created with a sense of movement and openness. One way to achieve this is by emphasizing the vertical lines of the space. Having tall, narrow shelves will help to take up that wall space whilst leaving more floor space for other furniture. This can also be done with floating shelves which require no floor space and can easily be placed behind a couch or table. Having low furniture also helps create an illusion of more space by elevating the ceiling height.


Having furniture that is multipurposed is also super beneficial for saving space. Consider having a large bookcase or shelf that can serve multiple storage needs – books, place bins, baskets, drawers, dishes, office supplies, house linens, etc. Having a daybed is also a great option, as well as a coffee table with drawers and footstools with built in storage.


Color and light are essential for opening up a space. Mirrors can reflect light to make a space feel bigger. The best position for a mirror is across from a window so it can reflect natural light across the room. The color white also has reflective qualities and can make a space feel light and airy. Our white wall sconce and white ceiling lights are easy to match with any décor or style!


Temporary Solutions


As a rentee, there are certain do’s and don’t’s that your renters may have in regards to redesigning your rental space. In circumstances where permanent changes are not an option, it helps to know of some temporary solutions that will align with your design inspiration and your renter’s expectations.


Peel-and-stick tiles work wonders for updating a bathroom floor without going through the hassle of taking the current t one out and installing something new. They can easily freshen up the space, add character and charm, and are super easy to work with. You can change, rotate, and remove them as needed. The same can be done with backspashes in the kitchen. Peel-and-stick tiles are a fan favorite for renters and rentees alike as they are efficient, interchangeable, and temporary! If you’re looking for a grander change, there are also peel-and-stick moldings for accent walls that function the same way as peel-and-stick tiles.


For lighting, you can often go with a plug in wall sconce in our mason jar lights.


You can also paint your walls and cabinets as needed. If not allowed, consider trying temporary wall paper or contact paper for cabinets. They are easier to remove and are less of a hassle to work with. Carpet is also an issue that many rentees face. While taking the carpet out and installing wood or tile may not be an option, a simpler way of distracting from an unappealing carpet is with accent rugs. And yes, it is possible to layer rugs!


For wall décor, steering away from nails has never been easier. Instead of punching unseemly holes into the wall, try command strips! They are super easy to use, leave no marks on the wall, and can be used for a variety of items! They are great paired with floating shelves, picture frames, and wall art. Command hooks are also super helpful and great at an entryway for hats, coats, umbrellas, and bags.


Regardless of the space you are given to work with, by following these tips, you can transform it into something new! Make it your own, optimize the space, and keep it simple!

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