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Decor That Men and Women Can Truly Agree On

March 28, 2022

Decor That Men and Women Can Truly Agree On

Have you and your significant other been having trouble agreeing on certain aspects of interior design? Where it comes to combining these preferences, men and women have frequently been at opposite ends of the spectrum. We’ve got some ideas for lighting, furniture, and more that will help you find middle ground.

Stay Neutral

Neutral colors, as well as neutral items, can help you inject style into your decor in a way that both of you will be comfortable with. For paint colors, choose lighter neutrals in shades of gray, brown, and white, as these are all ideal ways to refresh your home’s look without going garish.

What is classified as a neutral item? Basically anything that isn’t gender-specific. This can include things like a plain wicker basket, bamboo window shades, or a coffee table, as well as farmhouse-style elements like exposed beams and sliding barn doors. Those that choose milk glass flush mount lights find both parties are happy.

Combine Your Tastes, Tastefully

Having a conversation about things you have in common can go a long way toward finding mutually agreeable decor. For example, if you appreciate the same artist, purchasing one or more pieces you both enjoy is a great way to combine tastes.

The same is true of stone or metals. Instead of single-colored slate, natural stone in multiple muted tones can be a win-win. Brushed copper or iron hardware and light fixtures are great-looking swap-outs for too-masculine metal. Men have a tendency to like rustic farmhouse lighting fixtures and vintage farmhouse lighting.

Keep It Classic

Rustic doesn’t have to mean “hunting camp,” and farmhouse ceiling light fixtures don't have to mean ruffles and flower patterns. Creating bathroom light fixtures farmhouse style will fit your cabin, country or cottage taste too. Both are increasingly popular home decor styles that offer you and your significant other virtually limitless options. This is because each style has a classic look and its own warmth like our enamel wall lights or milk glass sconce. You may find that mason jar hanging lights and mason jar wall sconces are easily received by both of you. And because they’re always trendy, you can keep them around for the long term.

The Details Can Make All the Difference

Focusing on the small details might help to break the ice if it’s difficult to agree on larger items. Consider incorporating small pops of feminine color like a vase or couch pillow to inject feminine style and color without going overboard. An Edison bulb light fixture is a fantastic way to use for farmhouse track lighting to inject that vintage farmhouse feel without a high degree of change.

Speaking of lights, consider Mason jar light fixtures where you want a rustic look. Available we have a mason jar track lighting for a track lighting makeover or pendant, and single styles, they’re the perfect addition to the kitchen or dining room, especially when they replace an old-fashioned, feminine chandelier.

Patience and Compromise

It can take time for you to find out which items you agree on, especially if you haven’t spent much time discussing the subject of home decor. In the meantime, consider reupholstering pieces of his you’re not crazy about or purchasing one of your items in a more masculine color. It’s all about compromise!

The Lamp Goods makes it easy to find lighting you’ll both love. Our cage lights, ceiling fans, rustic sconce lights, industrial lights, farmhouse lighting, and mason jar pendant lights are all available at our online store. One of our most popular galvanized bathroom lighting projects gave us the perfect light.

Start browsing our beautiful collections today!

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