Creating a Modern Vintage House

February 28, 2022

Creating a Modern Vintage House

Can you give a modern house that vintage look and feel? The answer is a resounding yes! You can easily add the undeniable warmth and character of vintage to contemporary living spaces; we’ll show you how.

What “Going Vintage” Really Means

When someone uses the term “vintage” in terms of home decor, they’re describing items, styles, and patterns that were common 30 to 50 years ago. Going vintage can also mean doing some searching to find just the right pieces to make your home a reflection of your individual tastes.

It’s All About Balance and Timing

You may love the vintage look so much that you want to fill every modern surface with it right away, but the real keys to achieving vintage in your modern home is to time it right and keep it balanced. Gradually add vintage elements and “tweak” as you go. Too much vintage, and it will overwhelm your home’s modern elements. Too little, and it will be swallowed up by modern style. That's why many folks like to use mason jar lights or a milk glass ceiling light. It has a tendency to blend vintage & modern.

Instead, you’ll have to decide whether you want vintage to be the dominant or the secondary style in your home. If you prefer the modern furnishings and color palettes you already have in your home, make modern the main style and inject vintage in the form of accents like wood and crockery. Even consider a mason jar chandelier made of authentic vintage mason jars for a focal light over your table.

If you want to switch up a mostly modern home, swapping out contemporary furniture and colors for vintage pieces and hues will be the way to go.

Ways to Inject Vintage Style

Vintage style is achievable using the following elements:

  • Light fixtures
  • Decor
  • Furniture
  • Paint
  • Mirrors
  • Hardware

Here’s how to add the above elements to your interior design for that classic vintage appeal:


Flower pots, crockery, and wooden cutting boards are all great examples of vintage decor to incorporate. You can showcase your vintage pieces in groups as well as individually.

In the kitchen, you can use an old crock to house wooden utensils and place the wooden cutting board beside it. Have a collection of vintage vases? Arrange them in a group under an old photo or place individually for “pops” of nostalgia. Also farmhouse ceiling light fixtures can give that touch of vintage along with lights in mason jars.


If you’re a purist, authentic vintage items are what you’ll likely be after. Some pieces like coffee tables may need refinishing, so be prepared for these costs. Another option is to seek out new vintage-inspired pieces, which can inject just as much charm as their aged counterparts.


Paint can be ideal for making a house-wide impact. The vintage color palette is all about blending and subtlety and not in-your-face boldness. That being said, think in terms of muted and delicate tones, such as parchment beiges, soft yellows and greens, and robin’s egg blues.

Add years to wood surfaces by thinning white paint and applying a single coat; this will allow wood to peek through here and there for a weathered look.


Vintage mirrors are versatile, allowing for instant effect no matter where they’re placed. Want to make a big impact in the bedroom? Choose a full-length stand mirror. Living rooms are ideal for large pieces with chunky and elaborate frames—and don’t forget that bureau-top mirrors of old can also provide a vintage punch.


For those just starting their journey, hardware is a cost-effective way to achieve vintage style.. Modern faucets, drawer pulls, and door knobs can all be exchanged for beautiful older styles in brass, copper, or iron. The best part of vintage hardware? You can mix and match at will!

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures, as well as the finish you choose for them, can make all the difference when you’re trying to incorporate the vintage element. For example, installing vintage farmhouse lighting like a galvanized laundry washtub ceiling light in the laundry room and a colander or mason jar ceiling light fixture in the kitchen can add loads of whimsy. For a fresh clean look, makeover with a white farmhouse pendant.

In the dining room, a windmill light fixture like chandelier with Edison bulbs can be the perfect addition. Although considered to be industrial, cage lights, brass fans, and hammered metal like this galvanized bathroom lighting can all work very well for injecting vintage appeal, especially milk glass pendant lights. Then simply add mirrors, hardware, and other pieces.

Wall sconces can be great alternatives to modern bathroom fixtures. Place black or white enamel wall sconce lights at either sides of a modern bathroom mirror or a galvanized metal vanity or chicken feeder fixture at its top for a vintage look you’ll adore. And creating bathroom light fixtures farmhouse style will fit your cabin, country or cottage taste. Vintage & traditional looks can easily be achieved with a schoolhouse sconce or milk glass sconce.

Get Gorgeous Farmhouse, Rustic and Industrial Lighting

Lighting is one of the most effective ways to make a real vintage impact in your home. The Lamp Goods celebrates the past with original farmhouse, rustic, and industrial lighting in every shape, style, and size. You can even find a ceiling fan with mason jar lights for your own ceiling fan makeover.

If you prefer a piece that really showcases your personality, we also offer many custom modification options. Ready to let your light shine? Start shopping at our web store today!

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